Million Dollar iPad News – 9/12/2013

Good morning, Million Dollar iPad Tribe!

Well, as you know, there was no release announcement for new iPads. My rumor patrol indicates that might be coming in October! In the meantime, let’s get some awesome apps.

One of my favorite PDF annotation tools is iAnnotate PDF. Normally, it’s $9.99. Today the price is only $1.99. If you work with PDFs, YOU NEED THIS APP. iAnnotate has just been updated, by the way, to do even more. You can modify and rearrange PDF pages. You can create brand new PDFs. There’s so much this does, you simply have to look at one of the following links and you will be convinced that this app must be in your app success library.

App Store Link –

Publisher Site –

For those of you who are involved in training, take a look at DesignJot. Normally, $4.99, it is FREE today. DesignJot allows you to create training objectives, identify and plan key learning activities, sketch activity mockups, and categorize key content. I’ve used DesignJot to create some of my iPad training events.

App Store Link –

Publisher Site –

Finally, your kids are all using this new social media tool. You should be aware of it. It’s called SnapChat and it’s FREE. Billed as real-time picture chatting, it allows photos and video to be sent to someone. The image is viewed and then automatically vanishes (you set the timer for up to 10 seconds). Of course, someone can still take a screenshot of what you send them. (Oh, and I wouldn’t presume that the image can’t be recovered at a later time.) Still, this is the new thing!

App Store Link  –

Publisher Site –

Have a Million Dollar day! – Scott


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