iOS 8 Sneak Peaks <<< They're in the book!

Good morning, Million Dollar iPad Tribe —

I’m proud to announce that the Second Edition of “The Million Dollar iPad” is available NOW AT AMAZON.


You can find it here >>>

It’s in Kindle format so you can easily carry it with you everywhere you and your iPad (or iPhone for that matter) need to be.

“The Million Dollar iPad” was first released more than a year ago, reached #1 on Amazon in its category, and has consistently remained on a number of bestseller lists since then. You’d think I’d be content with that.

But . . . nooooo . . . technology is always changing and we’re on the eve of Apple’s release of iOS 8 and new iOS devices.

So, I just had to give you the latest and greatest information.

This new version —

•  Has been expanded to nearly 300 pages.

•  Has updated time-saving checklists.

•  Has 9 pages of iOS 8 Sneak Peaks.

•  Has more amazing how-to guides.

•  Has more incredible apps.

Now, more than ever, “The Million Dollar iPad” is the unique way for you to connect the dots to your iPad success. It’s a book that provides you answers (lots of answers) to what you need most. Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate, or advanced iPad user, this book has something for you.

Inside the book, you’ll find:

• How to get started quickly by using my personal “Can’t-Do-Without” and “Presenting Wirelessly/Wired” checklists. Some of you will find the time I save you with these checklists, alone, is worth the price of this book.

• Some wonderful basics you need to know. From how to back up your iPad to email management to rearranging your apps, there’s stuff in here you’ve likely not seen elsewhere. Of course, there’s iOS 8 sneak preview information.

• Understanding the shortcuts that are available on your iPad. I’ll teach you keyboard shortcuts, how to maximize your battery life, multitasking techniques, taking a screenshot, and more.

• There are some insanely great accessories for your iPad that will make you more productive. And I even teach you my technique for giving presentations wirelessly with an iPad.

• But wait, there’s more. “The Million Dollar iPad” has a bonus section based on questions that business people have asked me. There are even some iPad travel tips (including how to handle time zone settings). And, there’s an appendix with a listing of iOS keyboard special characters, Bluetooth keyboard special characters, and a listing of AirPrint printers so you can print wirelessly.

If you think all of this is exciting, I’ve really only touched the surface.  The Second Edition of “The Million Dollar iPad” is THE way for you to discover the iPad secrets that will turn your iPad into a money-making and time-saving machine.

Learn how using your iPad in business can make all the difference in the world by going here >>>

Here’s to your continued iPad success. – Scott

P.S. — If you already have the First Edition of “The Million Dollar iPad,” you get the Second Edition FREE! Simply go to the Manage Your Kindle page on


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