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The Million Dollar iPad — Can You Really Be Secure? Encryption For The Rest of Us

The Million Dollar iPad  — Can You Really Be Secure? Encryption For The Rest of Us


Scott Grossberg

We can end government censorship in a decade. The solution to government surveillance is to encrypt everything.”
— Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

Encryption isn’t just a technical feature. It’s a marketing pitch. But it will have very serious consequences for law enforcement and national security agencies at every level.”
— James Comey, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

To encrypt? Or not to encrypt? That is today’s question.

We are constantly reading about people hacking into major companies and compromising your passwords, user names, and other personal information. Even photographs are no longer safe (remember the Fappening?). And there is a steady stream of reporting on the latest security flaw in our favorite operating systems, programs, and even apps.

Then, there’s the State Bar of California’s Formal Opinion 2010-179 wherein we were all warned that “data transmitted wirelessly can be intercepted and read with increasing ease.” Lawyers were reminded that they have a duty of competence that includes taking suitable steps to ensure confidentiality. That’s good advice for anyone in business. You can read the full opinion here:

What’s a tech-savvy, on-the-go, cutting edge businessperson to do? Most of you don’t want to think about, let alone touch the concept of encrypting data with a 10-foot pole. But do think about this — how many of you are now receiving what should be confidential communications through iMessage, private messages, social media, etc.?

The good news is that caring for the confidentiality of your data and communications has come a long way. It’s neither complicated, perplexing, nor over-priced any longer.

Here are some simple (digging deeper than this would have resulted in an entire book by itself) security secrets for getting the most out of data protection on your iDevices without making your head explode:

  1. Enable data protection on your device. The simplest thing to do that most of you aren’t doing (shame on you). Go to Settings > General > Passcode. Then follow the prompts to create your passcode. I recommend you set your passcode to trigger immediately. And I further recommend that you ignore the simple passcode configuration (4 digits) and use a longer, alphanumeric passcode (yes, I know it’s more time-consuming, but how hard is it to figure out the year you were born or some other supposedly tricky 4-digit number? I’ve even seen people just use 1234 — seriously?!?!?)
  2. Understand the crypto-keys already built into your iDevice. Part of being confident in being technology competent and meeting your ethical obligations is just knowing what you already have and use.  Apple has recently announced that it’s using stronger encryption in iOS 8 (that means you should have updated your iDevice’s operating system): “On devices running iOS 8, your personal data such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders is placed under the protection of your passcode. Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8.”
  3. Understand that there are still security bugs out there. Plan for them. This means to start using encryption on some of your email transmittals. For those of you using Chrome and Gmail, there is a Chrome extension that encrypts all data leaving your browser. For those of you who still check email through a browser, start using https instead of http when entering the addresses for your online connections.  For those of you with your own IT people, talk to them about using a VPN (a Virtual Private Network). Further, for those of you who use Exchange, those servers are likely already encrypting your data.
  4. Use secure passwords when you sign in. And stop using the same password for everything. Once a password is compromised, how hard do you think it will be for someone to try it out everywhere? I use 1Password Pro ( as my password management tool. I have it on my iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook, and iMac. Everything is synced through Dropbox (  (I’ll talk about two-factor authentication in a moment). When selecting a password manager, also find out if it web-based (1Password is not).
  5. Turn on two-factor authentication and use built-in encryption for web-based providers. From Google to Dropbox to Apple ID, providers now offer you the option of turning on two-step/factor verification/authentication. DO IT NOW! You should be able to go to a provider’s website and, through that webpage, find the options for turning this option on (most do not have it ON by default). And don’t forget that some providers — like Evernote (— offer you the ability to encrypt text from within a note (just highlight the text, right-click on that highlighted material, and then select “Encrypt Selected Text.”)
  6. Have a plan of attack if your iDevice is lost or stolen. The last thing you want to do is panic. I’ve talked before about using the Find My iPhone App ( You should all have it for your iDevices. Not only will this app allow you to find your missing iPad or iPhone, Lost Mode lets you remotely lock your iDevice and even send a custom message and phone number to the missing iDevice’s screen. Of course, you can remotely wipe your entire iDevice if that seem appropriate.
  7. Start treating your iDevice like the treasure it is. Stop sitting on it. Stop tossing it. Stop setting it down anywhere and everywhere. Keep it away from water. Shall I go on? This is a highly sophisticated computer. And it’s an investment in you and your business. You might want to start treating your iDevice better.

Complete and yet easy data protection is not quite here, yet. By following some simple and secure workflow habits, you can still have peace of mind from the most casual of data attacks. It all really starts with changing the way you think about security. (Hint: The ostrich approach no longer works.)

Let’s take this conversation further . . . I’d love to know your thoughts on what I’ve written. Meet me over on my blog at to join the discussion now!


The Million Dollar iPad – Free Reports and Apple Deals

Good morning, all.

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for any information I might have on “deals” for Apple products over this holiday season. Rather than answer one-at-a-time, here is what I’ve been able to find, so far:

Apple iPhone 6 16GB (with contract) ($100) — Best Buy
iPad Mini 2 16GB ($300 Plus $100 Gift Card)  — Target
iPad Mini 3 16GB ($400 Plus $100 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Mini 3 ($75 off all sizes) — Best Buy
iPad Air 16GB ($400 Plus $100 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Air 2 16GB ($500 Plus $140 Gift Card) — Target
iPad Air 2 ($100 off all sizes) — Best Buy
Apple iMac (Entry Level) ($900) — Best Buy
Apple 27″ iMac (8GB/1TB) ($1650) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Air 11″ (Entry Level) ($780) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Air 13″ 256GB ($1050) — Best Buy
Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 256GB ($1350) — Best Buy

Yours Free . . . A Cheat Sheet for Using Your iPhone and iPad Powerfully, Practically, and Easily

I’ve created another special for you. By being a subscriber to my Million Dollar iPad blog (, you get my Million Dollar iPad Cheat Sheet (you still get my Free Report: The 25 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your iPad, as well). The Cheat Sheet is something you can keep by your side and, among other things, I’m giving you my favorite keyboard shortcut creations. By using the Cheat Sheet, you’ll remember the shortcuts in no time. (There are a lot of other great iOS tips and tricks there for you, as well.)


Happy holidays to you and your families. – Scott

The Million Dollar iPad – Seminars and Apps – 11/21/2014

Good morning, all.

I want to thank those of you who attended last night’s seminar. It was APPLE’S LAST EVENT of 2014 in it’s beautiful Santa Monica briefing center. It was memorable, exciting, and great fun to be able to share with all of you my “Day-in-the-Life-of-Scott” system. I assure you that we are already exploring how to take this to an even deeper level in 2015!!!

And, if that isn’t enough, you’ve kept The Million Dollar iPad in the Top 10! THANK YOU!

Now, on to app news . . . and have I got some real deals for you today.

You know, by now, that I live in iThoughts HD. It’s primarily a mindmapping app. And I’ve learned a way to tweak and systematize it so that it actually works like my long-lost love Lotus Agenda. That’s right . . . It can be a powerful PIM, too. The app is normally $9.99. Today it is only $1.99. You save $8.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

MagicalPad is another one of those tools that lets you create notes, mindmaps, outlines and to-do lists. I continue to find it a fascinating offering. Normally, this app is $4.99. Today it is only $.99. You save $4.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

And, if you missed yesterday’s post, GoodReader (my NUMBER ONE paid-app) is still on sale as of this writing. This app is my file manager, notebook, document reader, and on and on. Normally, this app is $4.99. Today, however, it’s on sale for the crazy low price of $.99. You save $4.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

Finally, here’s a list of the apps we covered last night at my Apple event:

Noteshelf ($5.99)
Notesy ($4.99)
Keynote (FREE)
Pocket Informant – Calendar & Tasks (FREE LITE VERSION)
Dropbox (FREE)

TextExpander ($4.99)

Word (FREE)


Inkflow (FREE VERSION and $7.99 versions)

Email Signature Free (FREE)

Tempo Smart Calendar (FREE)

Smart Writing Tool – 7Notes HD Premium ($7.99)

ICE Standard with Smart911 (FREE)

ScanBizCards Lite (FREE)

Rise Alarm Clock ($1.99)

Here’s to your continued iOS success! – Scott

The Million Dollar iPad – Seminars and Apps – 11/20/2014

Good morning, all. It’s another morning of app deals for you to consider.

Many of you know that my favorite handwriting/note-taking app is Noteshelf. Well, there are several powerful alternatives out there. One of the best is Notes Plus. Normally, it is $9.99. Today it is only $1.99. You save $8.00.

App Store Link —

Publish Link —

For those of you on the search for a dedicated task manager for both your iPad and iPhone, you will want to consider Things.  Things uses Things Cloud to keep your tasks and projects synced across devices. Best of all, the use of Things Cloud is free. (Please note that it does not appear that Things syncs with Outlook or Exchange. So . . . For those of you who use Outlook to create and monitor your tasks, this might not be the app for you.) Normally, Things for iPad is normally $19.99. Things for iPhone is normally $9.99. Today, BOTH ARE FREE. You save nearly $20 and $10, respectively.

App Store Link for iPad version —
App Store Link for iPhone version —

Publish Link for iPad version —
Publish Link for iPhone version —

One final reminder that I will be at Apple’s Third Street Promenade tonight at 6:30 p.m. This is an advanced presentation for those of you who’ve attended one of my prior events. We’re going to dig really deep and you get to view a day-in-Scott’s-life as I go over how I use my iPad and iPhone from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. This is an invitation-only, Apple exclusive event. You must reserve your seat with Apple.

Here is the contact information:

Apple – Third Street Promenade – 310-633-2673

Here’s to your continued iDevice success! – Scott

The Million Dollar iPad – Seminars and Apps – 11/19/2014

Good morning, all.

Well, you’ve heard me say it before . . . my NUMBER ONE paid-app is GoodReader. It’s my file manager, notebook, document reader, and on and on. Normally, this app is $4.99. Today, however, it’s on sale for the crazy low price of $.99. You save $4.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

For those of you who are in the entertainment industry or those of you who just like to script your speeches, presentations, commercials, etc., take a look at Scripts Pro. It is a screenwriting app that has gotten some rave review. Normally this app is $19.99. Today it is only $7.99. You save $12.00.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

Finally, tomorrow night I will be appearing at the Third Street Promenade for Apple in its Santa Monica briefing center.

If you’ve been to one of my prior events or have read The Million Dollar iPad, this one’s for you. Should you wish to attend the event in Santa Monica or just have questions about scheduling, here is the Apple Contact information, again:

Apple – Third Street Promenade – 310-633-2673

Here’s to your continued iDevice success!

Oops. There’s a change of schedule.

As you know, tomorrow night Apple was hosting a brand new, invitation only event in Pasadena for me to take you even deeper in your use and the magic of iOS, iPhone, and iPads. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to postpone tomorrow night’s event. Now, don’t worry . . . there are some options for those of you who were going to attend tomorrow night:

1.  You are invited to attend Thursday night’s event in Santa Monica at the Third Street Promenade; or

2.  Wait for the next announcement as to a new presentation date in Pasadena.

Should you wish to attend the event in Santa Monica or just have questions about scheduling, here is the Apple Contact information, again:

Apple – Pasadena – 626-463-6226

Apple – Third Street Promenade – 310-633-2673

Thanks. And let me or Apple know if you have any questions. – Scott

The Million Dollar iPad – Seminars and Apps – 11/17/2014

Good morning, everyone!!!! I have some exciting seminar news for you.

Two Apple Event Exclusives — Transforming Your Business With Next Level iOS Tips

When: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Start Time: 5:30 p.m.

Where: Apple Briefing Room, Pasadena, 54 W. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT: 626-463-6226

When: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Start Time: 6:30 p.m.

Where: Apple Briefing Room, Third Street Promenade, 1415 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT: 310-633-2673

Getting to work with Apple for the last three years has been spectacular!
I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people. And those who’ve attended my events have been able to put my iOS tips and tricks to immediate and productive use.
But there’s been a challenge, as well. You see many of you have been to one or more of my standard iOS presentations — either at Apple-sponsored locations or private events.

And now you want more . . .

• You want to see how a day-in-Scott’s-life actually works
• You want more in-depth training of how iOS apps save me time and make me money
• You want really powerful iOS tools without having to go through all the basics, again

If you want to take your use of iOS devices to the next level, then these two amazing INVITATION-ONLY, EXCLUSIVE APPLE EVENTS are for you.

Here’s what you’re going to discover:

• How to actually set-up and program your iDevices for sustainable success. This includes keyboard shortcuts (I’m going to actually share mine with you), Cloud service integration and synchronization, setting up social media feeds, and creating powerful digital signatures.
• Why I use my iDevices from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night and how I use them to organize my life, my work, and my happiness.
• The dangers of dabbling with too many apps and too many workflow methods (I should know, right?).
• A step-by-step walk-through of my favorite apps.

Bottom line: I’m going to take you by the hand, let you stand over my shoulder, and demonstrate for you a day in my life — all using iOS.

But there’s a catch . . .

These are exclusive, invitation-only events (they’re not being publicized on Apple’s website). Seating is limited. You may only attend if you’ve been to one of my other events (either Apple-sponsored or held privately). And I’m going to go out on a limb here and even include those of you who’ve read my Million Dollar iPad book ( You see, I’m not going to cover the basic at these events. These are high-intensity and high-outcome presentations.

If you want to attend you must pre-register with Apple (at no cost) and confirmation from Apple is required to attend.

Contact information, again, is:

Apple – Pasadena – 626-463-6226
Apple – Third Street Promenade – 310-633-2673

Now, onto the app front . . . only one app . . . but what a great one . . .

IA Writer  — is one of those great, little note writing apps that truly works for and with you (for both the iPad and iPhone). Normally, this app is $4.99. Today, it is only $.99. Check it out.

App Store Link —

Publisher Link —

Looking forward to seeing some of you at this week’s seminars. I can’t wait to share all I have with you! – Scott Grossberg