The Million Dollar iPad – Apps – 3/3/2015

Good morning, everyone. There are some terrific apps available today so let’s jump right in . . .

Every now and then you need to send something from your PC or Mac to your iPad or iPhone. This is one of the more elegant and fun ways that I use to “print” from my desktop to an iDevice. It’s called ACTPrinter. Using your WiFi network, you can “print” documents, emails, and web pages from any program on your Mac or PC directly to your iPhone or iPad. And it’s also a PDF converter. (Note: you will also need to download the free companion software ACTPrinter Mac or ACTPrinter Win to your desktop.) Normally, the app is $2.99. Today it is $1.99. You save $1.00.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Textilus is one of those apps designed specifically for your iPad. It has been called one of the best word-processing apps available. You get auto-syncing with your favorite cloud provider. And you can even sign documents with this version. For you authors in the bunch, you also get instant text statistics and counters: characters, words, reading time, sentences, and average word length. Normally, Textilus is $6.99. Today it is $5.99. You save $1.00.

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

Not all of you want to format graphics and photos from your iDevice. But, for those of you who want to have some real fun placing your photos into a comic book format (I’ve use this app for creating graphic blog articles, by the way), take a look at ComicBook! Normally, this app is $2.99. Today it is FREE. You save $2.99.

App Store Link –!/id436114747?mt=8

Publisher Link –

For those of you who like to edit and make comments with PDFs, how would you like to be able to place two PDF documents side-by-side for comparison and use? If that’s something that fits your workflow, take a look at Easy Annotate -Dual PDF Editor. It’s FREE (there’s an in-app upgrade available if you like the free version).

App Store Link –  

Publisher Link –

Finally, there’s a new drawing/design/art app available from Adonit (the ones who make the stylus I’ve written about before) for your iPad. It’s called Forge. The app is elegant, responsive, and I’m very impressed with the organization of the stored drawings, sketches, and diagrams. The app is FREE!

App Store Link –

Publisher Link –

That’s it for now. Now go out and make it a million dollar today!


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