The Million Dollar iPad – Some Amazing Workflow Ideas

Good morning, Million Dollar iPad Tribe.

Powerfully and elegantly managing my businesses, colleagues, projects, and customer/client expectations is what I’m all about. The real value I bring to my co-workers and customers/clients is my commitment to bringing them the greatest experience they’ve ever had.

That all begins with project management. I thought I’d spend a few moments sharing with you the tools that I personally use to keep it all together, running smoothly, and creating and capturing value.

First, for internal team communication, we use Slack ( I love their motto, by the way: Work Hard. Go Home. Think of Slack as instant messenger and text messaging on steroids. I get hundreds of emails a day. Yes, I could go through my email, use the search function, hone in on keywords, etc. Slack allows us (again, internally) to keep things all in one place and it’s so easy for me to use on my iPhone and iPad. I do NOT use Slack for outside communications; for that, I still use email.

In using Slack, we have the following channels (think of them as topics):

Office Management

The basic version of Slack is FREE!

App Store Link:

You can also use Slack online or as a desktop app.

Second, for checklists and to-dos, I am in love (that’s right – LOVE) with Asana ( Asana is FREE for up to 30 members and you can have multiple projects.

I have Asana set up so that my colleagues and I can all post and schedule action items that keep us on track, highly focused, and insanely interactive (e.g., that means we’re highly efficient and effective). One quick tip: use action words to create your Asana items, not just reminders. You can use your standard calendar for reminders. Asana is best used, in my opinion, as an accountability tool. (By the way, you, too, are going to LOVE the email updates that Asana sends you.)

And you’ll be fascinated by the way Slack and Asana can be integrated to work together.

There is an app version for your iPhone and iPad. For desktop use, you must use the web/online version.

App Store Link:

Once you get to know Asana, you will want to take your use of it to the next level of amazing. Do a Google search and you will find all kinds of power user tips and tricks!!!

I can’t wait to read of your success with these two workflow dynamos. Here’s to your continued iOS success! – Scott


One response to “The Million Dollar iPad – Some Amazing Workflow Ideas

  1. Scott, great to be getting your recent posts and trust your trial went well. Huge fan of iThought and promote it at every MCLE I do. Continued success!

    All the best,



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