The Million Dollar iPad transforms your iPad into an instant money machine — absolutely essential for every iPad owner. – Joel Bauer


My brilliant friend Scott Grossberg has just released his newestBruce Gold book, “The Million Dollar iPad” and, if you own an iPad, I highly recommend you give it a look on Amazon. Were you to implement just one of the multitude of wonderful ideas he suggests, the book will pay for itself many times over. Best of all, the Kindle version is just ten bucks! Check it out. – Bruce Gold

I was reluctant to buy another iPad book. I have friends that work Tim Fillmorefor Apple and I figured I know everything there is to know. I mentioned it to them and apparently the Head Honchos at Apple regularly book the author (Scott Grossberg) to come in and teach them new stuff!


I’ve read it cover to cover and I can say that I am happy that I bought this one. Honestly, Apple should be including this book with the purchase of every iPad. It’s a quick read and it’s insanely practical. Some of it is common sense, but if you’ve ever tried to customize things on your iPad, you know that it doesn’t always work. This book solved problems that I had forgotten I had, and it pointed out solutions to a few problems with my workflow that I’ve been feeling lately. I intend to loan it out to my business partners so we can get on the same page and use our iPads to work more effectively together. – Tim Fillmore

Ruben PadillaAs user-friendly as the iPad is, taking full advantage of it can be daunting. There’s just too much to learn! Fortunately, Scott has done all the hard work for you. He’s searched and waded through and tackled and distilled every essential thing you need to know to be successful with this remarkable machine and put it between two covers. He personally guides you, step by step along the path to greatness in a gentle, encouraging way. It’s like having your favorite coach or teacher in the room with you, looking over your shoulder and helping you get it right. Now, thanks to Scott, I know what I’m doing, I’m going to save tons of time and frustration, and I can focus on what’s most important, saving time and making money! The Million Dollar iPad has just become one of my all time, must have, desert island books. I know I’ll refer to it often and can’t wait to learn more. Thanks Scott! – Ruben Padilla

Adam ChristingThis book is all killer and no filler! Finally: A subtitle of a book that is actually TRUE. You will learn not dozens, but Hundreds of ways to make more money, get more done, and grow your career or business. It’s so refreshing when a book DELIVERS what it promises. This is like sitting down to an all-you-can-eat buffet of practical tips, tricks, and proven strategies that will make you more successful in your personal and professional life. I would seriously give it 6 Stars if Amazon allowed it! – Adam Christing

If you use your iPad for work this is an invaluable resource. Jam packed with app suggestion you’ll love and wonder how you lived without. Filled with tips on how to be super productive. Don’t try to figure this out by yourself – Grossberg’s done it for you. Whether you’re a novice or pro you’ll learn a ton. – Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP

Tom MeserollI have had the pleasure and privilege to sit in on one of Scott Grossberg’s seminars on how to increase productivity with your iPad. I took copious notes, on my iPad 🙂 and just wished that I could have captured more of the insight that Scott provided on how to improve our lives (Really) with his helpful hints on iPad usage. This book solves that problem. Not only does it encompass what he covers in his seminars but it delves far deeper into the resources, applications and `tricks’ that will make your iPad the most powerful tool you have for your business, your pleasure; even for your life. I highly recommend this product!!! Outstanding!!! – Tom Meseroll

Whether you’re an expert or a novice iPad user, Scott’s new book covers it all. Every business person will certainly become more profitable by following Scott’s examples. My favorite part is the apps listing. This book is a wonderful resource and must-have for any iPad user’s library. 5 stars all the way!  – Denise Schwob

Scott Grossberg KNOWS what he is talking about! If you want yourLisa Knight business to truly succeed, you need to read this book. The sky’s the limit, and “The Million Dollar iPad” will help get you there. – Lisa Knight

Paul GreenThis book is filled with some great tricks and tips! Scott Grossberg is like a friend that will take the time to explain each procedure in an easily understood manner. He helps you make your device, and your thinking, produce results that are worth the time and effort.

My highest recommendation! – Paul Green


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